aRUDE: art + kulture


More than once I’ve described my role as an artist like that of a virus; for me, the work has to be something that creates a mental shift, and drives the unconscious into new, unexpected realms.



Kwang Young Chun has a story to tell. The Korean visual artist who loves fishing in the quiet countryside is the force behind a career of stunning and meaningful work that gives insight into the history and culture of his homeland.



A museum curator since she was 20, Dominique de Font-Réaulx came into her own surrounded by the world’s most celebrated works of art. Rembrandt, Cézanne, Ingres, Courbet – the glorious masters of canvas are her life’s work. No doubt influenced by the compelling presence of these paintings, the Parisian-based curator and historian began exploring the effect on painters of a new medium that exploded onto the 1800s art scene: photography.



There is so much a singer can do to convey a story to their audience with these lyrics in an intimate cabaret room. For the audience, it transports. For the performer, it’s pure joy.



Born into a military family, McKeen grew up in several states and countries. He spent three childhood years on an Air Force base north of the Florida Keys during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Two stories in the anthology are his, drawn from that time in his life.



Susan Vreeland has been rather prolific since “Girl in Hyacinth Blue” became her first art-related novel in 1999, publishing five more books. Four of her novels have been New York Times Best Sellers. Currently, she is well into writing a novel about painters Chagall and Cézanne.



My journey is a German journey, it is based on the German repertoire, it is a dialogue that I open with this musical journey, a dialogue with the past, it’s a very complicated dialogue, about the pre-war period of the Weimar Republic.



I like being photographed and have been in that spot many times. I like being in movies. I also like the relationship between photographer and subject. A bond, even momentarily holds them together for as long as the image exists and perhaps further.



I’ve seen how the industry works and been able to watch it grow. In recent years, more African fashion magazines and blogs have sprouted up, and fashion weeks flourished. The interest in African fashion just keeps getting bigger and it’s crossing over now, so it seemed to me it was time for a definitive book on the subject.